Thursday, November 18, 2010

Show Me Thursday #2

Hello there!! It's a late post for me, on a Thursday... I have not a clue why it wasn't posting when it was set to the correct day and time! Anyway, today is the second Show Me Thursday that we have at Sassy Cheryl's! I love playing along and looking at what all of you have on your desk and the set up of your rooms!! So here is my desk at the moment.... YIKES!! Did you see that mess in the back???
Ok, that is nothing!! LOL!! I am constantly creating one card and project after another that I just move on with the next card and push everything else further in the the back of my desk until it looks like I have only a very small space to work on. I know there are tons of you out there that can probably relate to my situation.. hee hee!! =)
Well here in the photo, I have the recent card I made for the Sassy Cheryl Tuesday challenge, the back of a card where I have stamped my name, and this tin of stamps from CC Designs.
Far in the back is my trusty Big Shot. I have had it for about 8 years and it's still going strong!!
All the stuff in the far left of the photo... well, let's not go there! LOL!!

I sure hope that you join us for this fun and easy challenge!! You could easily win a free digital image from Cheryl!! All you have to do is take a picture of your desk, show us what you are working on and upload it to this post HERE. You will have one week to post your photo!!

There you have it, in one week's time, nothing has been put away after creating... BUT I had a half day off of work today so there's hope that it will all be put away! Now go and show me your desk! =)


Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

Your work space looks quite clean compared to mine at times. LOL! What a fun idea but I think I would be embarrassed to share mine.

donna mikasa said...

Gosh, Jodi, your work space looks ORGANIZED! What a fun challenge--except that my work area is several different places! Yikes!

Flip-Flop Creations said...

Thanks for sharing your space Jodi! Great storage idea for your stamps. ~jeni :)

Shirley said...

Jodi, you craft exactly like I do. Keep pushing it to the back until I finally have to clean up so I can start over. Great way to store your rubbah.

Cheryl of Sassy Cheryl's said...

Now see Jodi, no one would have noticed that mess back there if you hadn't have mentioned it. :) I do see your card from the challenge though.
Thanks for sharing your space.
Far left corner. . .yes, lets go there. :)

Janetlynne said...

thank you for sharing your space

Linda C said...

I am a pusher too. Love your workspace. It is fun to peep sn't it?

Heather said...

Glad to see someone besides me has a neat desk..

jkreucher said...

I do the same thing. pushing across the table.. until I have to stop and clean up and start all over..
love seeing your crafty space..
thanks for playing along this week.

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