Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Hi everyone! I know there are lots of you out there who adore stamps from The Greeting Farm, and want to get your hands on all the newest creations ASAP. Well, here is a sweet deal from my friend Joy of TAMIKO's! She always brings in the latest items and has the greatest prices!! She is currently having a blast at CHA and has this for all of you!!

CHA SPECIAL!!! Well, it's official! The Greeting Farm has come out with some EXCLUSIVE images just for CHA! They are called Cheeky's! She will be taking pre-orders NOW until Tuesday, January 26, 2010 at 12:00PST. Pre-order the new CHA Special stamps at $27.00 for all three stamps or $9.50 per individual stamp! Unfortunately, she does not have any images to show you, but you all know just by reputation on how cute and awesome these stamps are! Of course, the free shipping applies to this deal!

How sweet is that!! I am of course going to take advantage of it and you should too!!
See you later for a posting of Twilight Tuesday!!


Joy Datanagan said...

Thank you Jodi!!! I forgot to say that shipping of the stamps would be within 2-3 weeks.



1LuvnMama said...

Grabbed 'em already! How could anyone resist! :) Looking forward to seeing your next TGF CHA Relay creation Jodi!

Lynda Nielsen said...

ohhhhhh teee heee heeee heee... Oh I can't say anything more about it!!!

Pam Varnell said...

Jodi, I think the release of these new stamps was supposed to be a surprise to everyone that was not at CHA. Aren't they supposed to be seen first on the TGF and CA blogs since they are the designers of the stamps and they haven't been released yet?

the whimsical butterfly said...

Hi Jodi,

Tamiko's along with all other US and intl retailers will not be releasing these images until they are released to the public, just as with any other TGF release. We are VERY excited about the line and can't wait to show you when our Design Team and TGF site launch them in the next few weeks. This is very exciting for all retailers who atteneded CHA as they won't be sold anywhere else but on the TGF site, of course, and ONLY to stores that were actually here at the show. Thanks for your enthusiasm!

Joy Datanagan said...

I believe Joy was just trying to get everyone excited about TGF CHA Cheeky stamps. No pictures of the actual stamps has been revealed. I personally cannot wait for 2 - 3 weeks!!! Yikes, I want them now!!! LOL! Marie has definitely outdone herself yet again and folks you will not be disappointed!!!

Joy Datanagan said...

Sorry, I (Claudette) was the one who typed in the above comment...didn't realize Joy was stilled logged in...hahahaha!!!!

This post will still show up as her, but it's really Claudette! LOL!!!

Jodi said...

I just wanted to add that I'm just trying to help my friend promote her store and that I do not mean to undercut any online store out there. Nor did I mean to take away any of the excitement of the NEW releases. I'm sorry if I offended anyone, but again, I am just trying to help out my friend...Anyway, I don't know anyone who wouldn't want to get these CUTIE PIE stamps in advance! =)

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