Friday, August 14, 2009

14 Years of Alota Rubberstamps

Do you love Alota Rubberstamps? Well, this month we are celebrating the 14th Anniversary of Alota Rubberstamps!! How exciting that they have been around this long!
Later this evening, we have a blog hop with a surprise at the end of it! I will be back to post my card and hope you'll participate in it!!
Since it is a wonderful celebration, Helene will be giving a 14% discount on all orders until Aug. 18th. Be sure to use this code: ALOTA14 years.
I'll be back with all of the details for the hop.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!


Penny said...

Exciting!!! I have only one stamp but I LOVE it!

Joy said...

thanks for the info! sorry Jodi...I haven't had a chance to call you back. we are getting slammed her at work with phone calls about the questionnaires we have just sent out...we will be like this for the next two weeks. I will try to call you after work. if it's about Saturday...yes I did make my box and I just finished it last night. I will fill it with candy and bring it tomorrow! so sorry. hope that's what you were asking. if not let me know. thanks! see you tomorrow! oh and I'll be posting my stuff tomorrow too!

MiamiKel said...

This is a fun blog hop but OH how I especially loved visiting yours - Alotta and Edward eye candy, lol! Can't beat that, tee hee!

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