Friday, July 31, 2009

Check It Out!!

It's the end of another month, but the beginning for NEW things!! Today is the opening of the long awaited BELLES N' WHISTLES store!! You can now order these adorable stamps today!! See the store for more details.

Another NEW blog has been started by us 3 crazy Edward fans!! It's called Pocket Edward's Hawaiian Adventures! The idea for this blog was started by sweet and talented Jamee, she designed the entire blog too!! The inspiration comes from Lauren of Lauren's Bite.

Now, I know I was supposed to have blog candy for you today to celebrate Christmas in July however, I just can't seem to find the candy!! I'm hoping to find it and post it for you tomorrow.
Please be patient and hope that I will find it as soon as I get home from work today!!

Hope you enjoy these new and fun things!


Denise said...

Happy Friday Jodi! Going to check out Bells & Whistles right now.

Berenice said...

So cool the idea of this new blog! Have a nice weekend :)

Nicki said...

going to check it out now!

Michelle said...

Too funny about pocket edward! Hey where did you get the FAB picture of Edward in the top left corner of your blog - gotta have it!!

Penny said...

Another blog candy??? Woah. You are so generous! Do I get to play even though I already won one?? lol

Kim Y. said...

I love your new 3 column blog, Jodi! Oh, and I see Edward there! :) I have been checking BW. Lvoe the stamps!!!
Another blog candy, Jodi!!?? I can't wait to enter! I love your stuff! :)
Enjoy your weekend, Jodi!

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