Friday, July 3, 2009

Belles n' Whistles

Have you seen this logo around? If not, you will want to take it and add it to your blog! There are so many new, and exciting things coming up with Belles 'n Whistles. To find out about this wonderful line of new stamps and more, visit the blog HERE and the upcoming store HERE.
Currently, we have a little blog hop going on with the revealing of a brand new stamp that you could win if all of these puzzle pieces are guessed correctly. I've been so fortunate to follow with the second puzzle piece for you to guess. The first piece was appropriately chosen for Elisabeth Bell to have on her blog HERE. Well, the first piece has been revealed! If you've found it, and left a comment, you have been entered to win that wonderful stamp when it is released!! (only one entry per person and per sneak peek, so there is no need to comment again) If not, DO check the blogs of the rest of the DT for the unveiling of another piece. Leave a comment (on my blog or their blog) signifying that you found the piece and you will be entered into the drawing as well.
Here is the second piece. Can you guess this stamp?

Here's a HINT: Visit Elisabeth's SASS Gallery.

Here is the entire puzzle. Check back on the Belles 'n Whistles blog daily to see more of the puzzle.

Good luck and have fun!!


Erin- said...

Oh! I found the second piece of the puzzle! It simply confirms my suspicions about which image this is! ;) This is so exciting!!

Rosette said...

ol this is fun Jod!!! :) Can I play too??? Joking obviously hehe.. I'm sooo eagerly waiting for these babes to be out!!

Julies Crafty Creations said...

I found the second piece of the puzzle! Looking forward to the release. Hugs Julie x

Kim Y. said...

Such a tease. :)
Glad I found he second piece. I kind of have an idea which one...not very sure yet.

Iris said...

Loooots of fun Jodi! Rosette is right ...I wanna play too, lol! Too bad we can't play ;-)))
I'm so excited as well!


Dawn (flowergal36) said...

This is really fun. What a great way to reveal the new stamps. Thanks so much.

Tanya Rudd said...

I am excited to see who wins, just as much as I am eager to see the full stamp when it is revealed.

L.Nielsen (Lynda) said...

OH Jodi, this is driving me nuts.. I THINK this little cutie is standing with her back facing us, with flowers in her arms. BUT I WANT to see MORE... I don't know how long I can hold out. LOL
Lynda =)

Kim. said...

Aaah I found the second piece unfortunately I missed yesterdays piece but I am here today at least.
Kim xXx

weewiccababe said...

found the second piece
can't wait for this new range to be launched
greetings from sunny Scotland

Heather said...

Oh! I can't guess but I'm sure it's super cute!!

Stampin Mindy said...

If I found the correct image in the gallery ohhh ADORABLE!!!!! I cannot wait till these are available!

Poppy said...

oh cant wait,bet it will be stunning.

hayward69 said...

Think this is the second piece to the jigsaw! Looking forward to the release date.

Jayne xx

Susan said...

How fun! YOu've been busy! Love it all and that In-Style cutie is just adorable! Love the colors.

Hugs to you,


Grace said...

Oh what fun! I found the second piece of the puzzle! What fun!

Crystal said...

WOW Jodi what beautiful snowflakes those are!!! Gorgeous christmas in July card!! WOW!

Risa said...

To be honest.....I hate guessing games! *lol* I just wanna see the new right now... Cause I already know they are going to be awesome! But since I'm a sweetheart, I did play along and left my comment on the BNW blog:)

Annie said...

ooo more teasing! I recognise those flowers Elisabeth draws so beautifully! and I'd love to win another of her stamps.
hugs, annie x

Milianna said...

ohoooo i found a piece.... thank you so much your work was wonderfull

Cheryl Walker said...

Thank you Jodi, I have now found 3 pieces to this puzzle:) lol


Jan McConnell said...

Made my guess a couple of days ago on Elisabeth's and Belles n Whistles blogs. Can't wait!

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