Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas RAKs

Hello Blogland! I sure hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas, and now looking forward to celebrating a New Year. Before the New Year arrives, I want to share more of the RAKs I received over the Christmas holiday.
Here is a beautiful card I received from my friend Curt! He did such an awesome job making it very festive. The entire image is embossed in gold, and he had added red bling as accents for decoration on the tree. Thank you so much Curt, I love it! =)
This card was made by Michelle, earlier in another post I had shown what she made but I did not show you the pretty card. She also used a Christmas tree but used glitter to make it sparkle.
Thank you Michelle! =)
Here is a RAK from sweet Teri! The basket is filled with all kinds of goodies like bath soaps, perfume, a sachet, a cute rubber duckie and more. On either side of the basket are ornaments for Christmas. So cute and I love the scents! Thank you so much Teri! I love it all. =)
Don't you just love this tin? I love it! Thanks to Teri who gave it to me. Check out her cute family photo for Christmas, all of you look so happy! =)
I love the tin but I love the way that Teri ties her bows, so of course I didn't want to untie the bow. I had to open the tin to find out what is in there. So instead of untying the bow, I slid the bow off to the side, and she baked! Where in the world did she have the time? Thanks so much Teri! The cookies are so yummy~ Snickers Cookies is what they are! =)
Last but not least, here is a RAK from Liann. She does not have a blog, but she does frequently visit us bloggers to say hello, and leave us sweet comments. She created this cute hello kitty card in ther center of this photo. Hello Kitty is all glittered up and ready for the holidays. Liann, I love everything and anything Hello Kitty~Thank you so much for thinking of me! =)
Thank you to all of you and for those of you who continue to read and support my blogging. =)
Happy New Year!!


Rosette said...

Happy New Year to you too Jodi... lovely RAK's !! Isn't it always a joy to receive something made with so much love?? :) Hugz xx

Iris said...

Wow these are awesome RAK's you got from all your friends Jodi! They are all beautifully made!
I wish you a Happy New Year Jodi!

Big hugs,

Teri said...

Wow! You got cute raks! Glad you enjoyed mine - you are so sweet to me! I'm posting more raks later this week, thanks for what you sent over to me too!! xoxo

Susan said...

What great RAK's! And I love the bow! I need to find a great tutorial on them! And all the personal touches make them so special. What a great way to end the year and to get ready for the new one!

Joy said...

so cute and blessed to have such wonderful blogging sisters! I am so grateful when I receive RAKS. thanks for always being so sweet! hope you have a wonderful new year!

Islander Girl said...

Awww, your so lucky to have great friends!!!

Have a Happy New Year!!!!


Marie said...

Happy New Year, Jodi! I left ya something on my blog. Go check it!

malieta said...

Happy New Year wishes to you Jodi!
Your RAKs and gifts are simply stunning!!!! Thank you for sharing these awesome treasures!!!

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