Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just Married!!

Hello everyone! I am now officially married!! Yay!! =) Everything went as planned and was as beautiful as I had expected and even more! I am the luckiest woman in the world! =)
I will share pictures with all of you as soon as I get some from family and friends, also our professional photographer. Our colors for the wedding were red and orange together. In this picture, I don't show the other favor which is tied in an orange ribbon. This picture was taken by me at home on our dining table for fall which is why the table cloth has leaves on them.
This is the front of our invitation and one of the favors with a red bow. The favors placed on each table were alternating red and orange along with a towering centerpiece ( I will show you when I get more pictures).
So, for me married life is slightly different and for Bryan not so much. I think that could be a guy thing. None the less, we both are extremely happy!
Thank you to all of you who left me beautiful messages and words of advice on marriage, I truly appreciate it all!
While I wait for those pictures, I will be posting a couple of Thank you cards I made for the 3 bridal showers I received, and get back into the swing of things with blogging as usual.
Thank you for stopping by and starting your week with me!!


Michelle Ueligitone said...

Congratulations! I am so happy that you are back! We have missed you!

Margie said...

So happy for you!

Curt in Carmel said...

Congrats and welcome back to posting! I have so missed you! I'm extremely happy for you and it sounds like everything was perfect! Best, Curt

Allison said...

These look terrific! I love the idea of red and orange together...smart! Congrats to you!

Marie said...

Congrats, Jodi! Missed you in blogging!

Rita said...

Congrats Jodi!!! Glad everything went well & I can't wait to see the pictures! These look terrific!

Cathy Y. said...

Jodi - Congratulations to you and Bryan! I heard your wedding was really beautiful. Can't wait to see pictures too...hope to see you soon.

Joy said...

YAY!!! you finally tied the knot! you can now rest, relax and enjoy being married...for the rest of your life =) it's always so much more significant for a woman...it's because you worked so hard to get this day perfect...from the simplest thing...whatever that is...to the most detailed decision. I'm glad you are now going to be back to the blogging world! can't wait to see the pictures from the wedding and the cards/crafts you will be creating!

Anonymous said...

congrats to you..how cool a fall wedding...great to see you are back...aloha Liann M.

Denise said...

Congratulations Jodi. Glad all went well, Best of Wishes for you & Bryan.
I Missed you at Teri's last class.

charlotte said...

Congratulations Jodi to you and Bryan. Now you can take a well deserved rest after the wedding and enjoy life. Looking forward to all of your pictures.

malieta said...

Congratulations to you and yours Jodi!
I'm so very happy for you and I wish you all the best:)
Your table setting is beautiful and the colors are beautiful together:)

Valerie said...

Congrats!!! It's so good to see you back on your blog. I'm so glad your wedding went as planned.

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