Friday, October 3, 2008

Thinking of YOU

Hi All, I go this award from Curt when he first posted it on his blog which is a while back, and I only got a chance to upload this now. Curt is the one who created this award as well. Isn't is just beautiful??? I LOVE it!! So, this award does not have any attachments to it, no need to link it back to the one who sent it to you, no need to answer questions, and no limit to the number of people you want to send this to. How cool is that!! Simply send it to those who "Inspire You". With that said, here goes:
1. Teri
2. Jen
3. Joy
4. Michelle
5. Curt (because you really do!)
6. Heather
7. Risa
8. Maria
9. Rita
10. Summer
11. Kristie
12. Jocelyn

Have a great day, I'll be posting cards later today.


Joy said...

you inspire me!!! too funny...we picked each other =) thanks so much for always thinking of me!

Heather said...

OH HOW BEAUTIFUL IT IS!!! Curt is very talented!
Thank you Jodi!!! You are such an inspiration to me! So sweet of you to hink of me!!!

Summer... said...

Oh gosh Jodi! Now I will have to get around to making something worthy of you giving me this beautiful, "You Inspire Me" piece!! (you did this on purpose, no?!) Okay then, tomorrow it is! World wide card making day, watch out, LOL! = )

Rita said...

Thank you so much Jodi! YOU also INSPIRE me with your gorgeous creations & wonderful blog! Thanks for thinking of me!

Hugs Rita

Lim said...

Hi Jodi,
Thank you for visiting my blog. You have beautiful cards. I love them all. Sorry but I can't give you any advice on Copics because I am not skillful enough with them. Sorry, I need more practice. I wish you best of luck with my Candy Blog :))
I will link your blog to mine.


malieta said...

Oh Jodi....thank you for thinking of me! Its YOU who are an inspiration to me! It is a pleasure to visit your blog and thanks so much!:)


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