Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fairy Tales Do Come True!

This weekend we attended a friend's wedding at the Hilton. It was every girl's dream! If you literally wanted to always be a princess for a day, that is exactly what she was. The wedding was circled around the theme of Disney's Princesses. The bridal party dressed in attire for a prince and princess (snow white, jasmine, belle). The bride was Belle (the beauty) and her hubby the beast. This was the first time that I have been to a themed wedding--Lots of FUN!! =)
Can you guess what their wedding cake was? Nothing would be right if you had no castle! Yes, that's right, the wedding cake was in the shape of the castle you see in Disneyland, and was pretty darn HUGE!! It was a sight for all to see. I wish I could show it to you, but I forgot to take my camera with me. (sorry)
The pics I have here are a part of the centerpiece on each table. There were 4 like what you see here, and in the center of them was another piece with tall branches and more flowers. Just beautiful!! The lady who created that and all the other arrangements for this wedding is the bride's mother and lucky me, she will be doing all the arrangements for my wedding!!! YAY! =)
We had also gone to a 1st Birthday party and sorry, no pics because my camera was charging and I forgot to grab it before we left.
Hope all of you have a great Monday!


Rita said...

Sounds like a fantastic wedding, wish you would have brought your camera I would have liked to have seen this wedding! Your camera & you should be joined at the hip, hahaha! These flowers are beautiful!!!

Margie said...

Gorgeous flowers! Sounds like you had a lot of fun :)

Teri said...

Thank for telling me all about this wedding! Fairytale is right! These flowers are so pretty and sweet, just like you!

Valerie said...

HOW adorable! I'd have loved to see a pic of the wedding party!

Claudia Rosa said...

Wow.. this is pretty...
totally Fairytale but iam sure yours will be just as beautiful.


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