Monday, August 4, 2008

Show It Off

For those of you who are playing around with your shrink plastic, post a comment with a link to your site and show us your shrink art, what you are going to use your shrink art for, and which method you used to shrink it (heat gun or toaster). The person who comes up with the most creative way to use it will win a PRIZE from me (I don't know yet what it is, I will post it as soon as I come up with it). All entries must be in by Next Monday August 11th . The winner will be announced on Tuesday August 12th.

1 comment:

Joy said...

hi Jodi, I'm new to this blog world but I have one posted on my website... and it's called a card for my BFF Michelle...I used the shrink plastic on the card and I used a heating gun to shrink it. I shrunk the Whipper Snapper stamp...dragonfly. I do love that card!

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