Thursday, September 11, 2008

Shaker Card Tutorial: Part 2

Here is the second part of the shaker tutorials. I have another one to show you later. This is the big shot. I am a Stampin' Up! demonstrator but I have had this big shot for several years and there really is no need for me to buy another when this one is perfectly fine, and functions just the same.
I will be using the extra long die from Stampin' Up! to create this. You will insert one of the plastic cutting plates in the Big Shot.
Then place the XL die on the plate.
Place your paper where you want the die to cut.
Put the last clear plate over the paper and die. Be sure that the 2 clear plastic plates, and die are all lined up together.
Begin cranking your Big Shot and guiding the die and plates through to the other side.
Now begin to remove all your cut outs.
Here are the items I chose to cut out.
Next, I got some foamies sheets and cut out a piece to the shape of one of the flowers.
This the finished, and cut foam piece. You can see here what the width of it looks like. You can see that it is thick enough to place beads in the little holes of the flowers. (Continue on, then you'll see what I mean).
You will be needing to cut out 2 of these flowers with cardstock. Then you will get clear plastic sheets and cut them out into the shape of the flower. You DO NOT want to put this in the Big Shot, it will just remove all the little pieces of the plastic. The reason you need the clear plastic is to hold the beads in place.
This is the completed shaker flower! I have placed clear plastic sheets to both of the flowers I cute with cardstock. One on the front of the foam flower, and one on the back of the foam flower. Before you put the last flower piece on the back, be sure you add your beads into the little holes!

When you stick these pieces together, you really do not need something extremely strong to hold it together. I used snail adhesive from SU. If you are making something much bigger and it has lots of stuff to create your shaker, then you will need something stronger.
Here you can see that the width was perfect to hold the beads.
I will make another shaker flower, but one that does not have too many little holes. I die cut this flower and used my 3/4" circle punch for the center and this is what I came out with. So, just do the same thing. Add your clear plastic sheet to each flower (one for the front of foam and the other for the back of the foam). Then adhere one flower to the foam and fill with beads or in this case I have a cute little doggie that I shrank with shrink art (learned that from Jocelyn) and stuck him in there!! There are really endless possiblities with what you want to add in your shaker cards/items.
This is a really cute card that my friend Joce made for me on my birthday. She used a different sizzix flower that Stampin' Up! does not have in their catalog. The center of the flower in the die is already there, so you do not need to use a punch. She added a cute little doggie from Juju's Tiny Treasures (now known as Create In Me stamps), and a little glitter. Thanks Joce for the great card and shrinked shaker!! LOVE it!!
I hope this tutorial was a helpful and easy to understand and follow. Contact me for questions.


Heather said...

This is awesome!!! Great detail and so easy to understand! I really hope iget to try this soon!! Thank you for sharing it!!!

((and what a CUTE!!! card!))

Denise said...

Great tutorial, love the idea. I need to try it.

Joy said...

so cool! this was a great tutorial. who would have thought to do that and now I have more ideas to make with shaker boxes and I love to make shaker boxes! the shrink art was great!

charlotte said...

Thanks for the tutorial - great idea!

malieta said...

Your tutorial is awesome Jodi and so is your shaker card...very yummy!
I will definitely refer to your tutorial when I venture off and make a shaker card:)

Curt in Carmel said...

Another fabulous tutorial! This is super! Thanks very much for sharing such abundant talent!

Fay said...

Thanks for the cool tutorial...will definitely have to try it out!

alohatammi said...

Great ntutorial. I like the new twist on a shaker card.

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