Monday, August 11, 2008

Shaker Card Tutorial: Part 1

Many of you have asked for a Shaker Card Tutorial so, here it is. This is only one of the ways to create a shaker card. I have several more Tutorials that will follow. Let's begin!!
Here are the supplies you will be needing:
Stazon Ink
Printed Paper
Stamp (of a person, flower etc)
sticky strip (strong adhesive tape)
mounting tape
White Cardstock
Pens (To color your stamped image)
Punch (to create window for shaker)
Beads (for shaker card)
Embellishments (to decorate card)

First, choose the stamp you want to show through the window of the shaker, then stamp it on your cardstock. I usually stamp in black stazon ink.

Color in your image.
Choose a cardstock or printed designer paper and a punch. The punch is used to create the window in which you will use to view your stamped image.

I have chosen to use my square scallop punch and punched it right in the center of the paper.
Turn your designer paper over to the side that you don't want to be seen, and place sticky strip, or a pretty strong tape around the square. Then cut a piece of acetate to measure about 1/4" to 1/2" larger than the punched square.
Now you will expose the tape that goes around the square, and adhere the acetate to the paper.
Now, you will need to place mounting tape in the shape of your square and place that down over the acetate. When placing the mounting tape, be sure that there is absolutely no spaces where beads can fall out of. All the corners need to be closed.
Now, remove the paper off the mounting tape.
Begin adding your beads, or whatever you want to add. Be sure not to get beads stuck onto the mounting tape. It will be hard to remove, and if you leave it there... and you close everything, there will be a small bump that can lead to beads eventually falling out.
Take your stamped and colored image, carefully place it over the mounting tape and press down in areas where mounting tape is. Fold the excess paper around the square and tape down.
You are now ready to use this on a card or project.
Get your sticky tape and place strips of tape around all the edges of the square. Remove the paper from the tape and adhere to your card.
Here is the completed shaker on a card! Embellish as you like it!!
I hope you found this to tutorial to be helpful and easy to learn from. I will be posting other ways of creating shaker cards. If you have questions regarding shaker cards, please email me. Thank you for looking, and creating with me, have a great day!!!


Rita said...

Awesome Jodi, thanks for doing a tutorial on this card. Very easy to follow, good job!

charlotte said...

Thanks, Jodi, for doing this tutorial. I've always wanted to make one and you made it look so easy... I hope.

Denise said...

Thanks for the tutorial, I need to try it.

malieta said...

You are so creative Jodi!
I love your card and that image is the cutest! TFS!!!!

Jamie said...

Thank you for the tutorial! I have been wondering how to make these! You make it look so easy! Great job

Happy Stamper said...

Thank you for a clear and very well illustrated shaker card. The design is perfect too. It is just what I was looking for. Now I'll have to share your web site!

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