Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Make your own Rick Rack!! (Faux Rick Rack)

I must share this with you!! I was trying to make a border using this punch, and instead of punching it all the way across, I decided to turn the paper and punch the opposite side too. Well, initially I came out with a boarder that looks like a beaded border, then I put that to the side . I punched out another scallop border and flipped the CS upside down again, and began punching just a 1/2 a scallop off, and created a border that looks just like rick rack!!! ok, there are probably tons of people out there thinking I'm crazy because they already knew it could be done.
For most of you who are waiting for your scallop punch to arrive, try this ASAP!!
Anyway, I was so proud of myself for discovering another way to use this punch!!! =)
So here's a tutorial on how I did this.
Get your scallop border punch and your choice of cardstock or designer paper.
Place your strip of cardstock in the punch and turn it upside down like the above picture. Begin creating a border like the one below.
This is the standard border used to make a decorative edge for cards and scrapbooks.
Here is where I have turned the cardstock upside down.
In the above photo, I have lined up the far edge of the silver imprint on punch, with the end of the punched scallop on the cardstock. ( contact me if you are not sure what I mean)
By doing that, you will end up creating a border that resembles beads.
In the above picture, I have lined up the far end of the silver imprint on punch, with 1/2 the scallop on the cardstock. (This will give a different border)
Begin punching all the way across.
The above photo will show you that you have created a border that looks like rick rack!!
I was sooo excited to show you how to use the rick rack and ended up using the card I created for the shaker card. I just removed the celery ribbon and replaced it with the faux rick rack border! I also added a black gingham bow to the shaker card. See how versatile things are with crafting?
I hope that this was a helpful and easy to understand tutorial on how to create the faux rick rack border. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding this tutorial, or if you just want to talk story!! Have a great Wednesday!!


Joy said...

that is so cool! what a wonderful idea to make those kinds of borders. thanks for the wonderful tutorials and inspiration. I can't wait until I get my scallop punch soon =)

charlotte said...

Wow, what an ingenious idea. Thanks for sharing.

malieta said...

Very cool idea Jodi and the ric rak looks great on your super cute card!
Thank you for sharing this tip!

Joy said...

check out my latest post...you truly are a winner!

Teri said...

thanks for sharing this awesome tutorial! I will definately have to try this! Love your card too!!

Denise said...

You are so creative. Can't wait to get my scallop punch.
Thanks for the images, I still did not make the card, but made others, check my post.

Dawne said...

That is a nice punch! Scallops are always so nice. I like the one where you had the strip on the top and bottom. So much you can do with that! I am a scallop freak....

p.s. found you commenting on my previous monkey card blog. thanks!!

Valerie said...

what an ADORABLE idea! I can't wait to get my scalloped punch..I'm gonna go nuts haha!

southernscraps said...

That's awesome! Great idea. Now I NEED a scallop border punch!lol

Marjo said...

Thanks for the great faux rick rack tip. Like the idea, it will work great for an area that needs to stay flat.

ngocupham said...

wow great tips! Do you have any tips for punching with border punches that do not have the image base guide? I bought some cheap border punches and I found it extremely difficult to punch in a continuous line...I tried flipping the punch over too, but it is hard to punch it that way because the punch it not very sharp. I either have the image skipped or crooked. I don't know what to do

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