Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jen's LCWC#1

This is my entry for Jen's first challenge. OMG, I have only 10 more minutes to send this to her, it's due every Sunday as long as you make it in before midnight!! I feel like Cinderella who has to make it home before midnight ! LOL!! I love this challenge, it gave me a chance to use several stamp sets that I have not used, or have not used them in a while. These owls are from CHF. They came in a set with words for all occassions, and accessories to dress them up.
I used old olive, artichoke, and close to cocoa inks and CS. I also mounted the eyes on the owl and parts of the card as well.

I had to get another picture in because I wanted you to see that I used the crystal lacquer for the beak and claws of the owls. To me this gave it a bit more realism. The white owl I glittered because he looked too plain. Here in Hawaii, it is said that if you see a white owl (Pueo), it's a good omen, they are there to protect you from harm. Well, I have to send this off, I got 6 minutes left!!! Wish me luck...

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